The following video will demostrate the proper method of measuring your feet and preparing the kit which will be used in creating the orthotic devices for your perfect fit. When you receive the casting kit from us you will follow the directions to do a semi weight bearing impression of your feet.

When done with the impression, send it back to us with the return label. You must follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your orthotics are perfectly designed for your feet.

Once the orthotic kit has been returned to Pain Free Orthotics, the kit is opened and the manufacturing process can begin. The demonstration shows the steps involved in creating Orthotic devices from the kits that were supplied to the customers. Once the Orthotic devices have been completed they are returned to the patient which will improve the pain free everyday comfort for the customer.

When we receive your impression we will pour liquid plaster of paris into your moulds. Once set, we will have the 3 dimensional shape of your feet.

Plastic is heated in our oven and then vacuum formed around the actual cast of your feet. Once cooled, the plastic takes on the actual shape of your feet. The plastic shell is then grinded so that it will be able to fit into your shoes.

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